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It's Who We Are


Q&S Electrical Contractors LLC is a company that was developed with the customer in mind. We are not just a vender; we are a partner in ensuring the success of your projects. It is our number one goal to ensure customer satisfaction through quality installations that solve your electrical needs. We have the expertise to take care of all your small project whenever they arise. For larger project, we stay on the cutting edge by staying abreast of new and emerging technologies in BIM modeling systems, engaging in collaborative environments to solve problems, and identifying VE opportunities to help meet budget

We are the small company with the big solution capabilities no matter what the challenge may be. Our first cornerstone of our business is service!!! How may we serve you today?


As your electrical contracting partner, we listen intently to understand the problem our customers are facing so that the solutions meet your expectations, resolve your issues, and don’t create new ones. This is the second cornerstone of our business!!!


When a solution is determined to any problem, a process to get us to that solution must be established. Our team of professionals have the expertise to put a proper plan using efficient means and methods. We are sure to communicate clearly the course of action and schedule deadlines to hold us accountable
to the goals we set. This is the third corner stone to our business!!!


Great customer service, great solutions, and a clear identified process allows for the fourth cornerstone of our business, results!!! Our professionals work together as a team to ensure that we all get the results you are expecting. We are not just accountable to our customers; we are accountable to each other. We build strong teams that provide great team results.

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